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David P

Degree: Design Engineering  

Tutors: Maths, Chemistry, Economics

I would thoroughly recommend David as a tutor. David has a relaxed (but focused) co-operative teaching style. David was always punctual and very polite and I wish him well in his future endeavors and thank him for his help.

Danniella W

Degree: Bachelor of Surgery

Tutors: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Religious Studies, Citizenship Studies and Geography

My daughter had a few problems with A-level maths but thanks to Danniella She helped her a lot and was a great help. She was able to move forward and present this at school sessions that were provided at her college.

Ben K

Degree: Neuroscience 

Tutors: Maths, Chemistry, Physics,Biology.

It is not easy that someone has the ability to make me understand things i had long forgotten without me feeling uncomfortable about the fact that I'm into my 30's and always facing difficulties with GCSE level maths! Thanks, Ben!

Adam M

Degree: Economics and Management (BSc)

Tutors: Economics, French, Spanish, Mathematics, History and Geography.

Adam had to assess my son’s level before his A levels. They spent 4 hours together, it was extremely beneficial, Theo has exercises to do and they really got along! Perfect, thank you again Adam!” Pauline

Wai J

Degree: Actuarial Science 

Tutors: Economics, Physics.

MR/ Wai has been teaching our child for about 4 weeks and the teachers already noticed the improvement thanks to his efforts. He made our child engaged in the subject through both tuition and also his homework. I would not hesitate to recommend Waj as a tutor in GCSE maths.

Jenny L

Degree: Mathematics with Management Studies 

Tutors: Maths, Chemistry, Physics

I highly recommend Jenny to other students who are aiming to get good grades for their University placements. My daughter( A level) has gained knowledge and skills in the subject since she commenced the tuition.

Nikhil S

Degree: Medicine

Tutors: Maths, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History.

I would like to thank you for helping my son as thanks to your help he managed to get a grade 9 in maths, you have been a great tutor as without your help he would have never got that grade.Bless you, Nik! 

Qiang L

Degree: Medical Physics, Cambridge  

Tutors: Maths, Chemistry.

Qiang has used his experience to identify that with the correct effort and guidance that our child can exceed the levels indicated by the school and significantly gain a higher result.

Isa M

Degree: MSci Mathematics

Tutors: Maths, Physics, Economics.

My son has found the sessions extremely helpful in the run up to GCSEs. I have found Isa to be quite flexible with days/times which is helpful when you have a busy family life. Many thanks to Isa for all his help and guidance.

Iqbal M

Degree: Economics (BSc) 

Tutors: Economics, Mathematics, Physics

Our son David is studying A-level maths at the QE and he had two lessons so far with Iqbal, he feels very comfortable with him so far as he is very professional and knowledgeable.

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