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Daniel C

Degree: Neuroscience 

Tutors: Science.Chemistry, Physics.

Excellent Tutor- Mike felt very comfortable with Daniel knowledge and approach and will follow up with him

for further sessions over the xmas holiday period.

Colin F

Degree: Design Engineering  

Tutors: Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Science,Geography,Economics.

Colin has been helping my son with his Science gcse course. he is very organized, conscientious, and really knows her subject. most importantly Colin has a great way of explaining the topics so my son can understand it. Would definitely recommend.

Gordon C

Degree: Economics and Management (BSc)

Tutors: Science, French, Spanish, Mathematics, History and Geography.

Gordon teaching techniques have helped my son achieve good results in his end of year exams.professional and knowledgeable teacher. Highly recommended

Donna G

Degree: Mathematics with Management Studies 

Tutors: Maths, Chemistry, Physics,Science.

I will be completing my exams this summer , but I know it will go really well, Thanks to Donna! 

Robert R

Degree: MSci Mathematics

Tutors: Maths, Physics, Science.

 He is very good at explaining and bringing the subject content to life, which has provided my Son seif with a more well-rounded understanding of the topics. Brilliant tutor! 


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