Economics (GCSE, A-Level)

500+ Hours taught 

Charlotte is an enthusiastic and creative teacher. She has a knack for building students confidence and enjoyment for learning. With over 5 years teaching experience in Economics, it's fair to say she has mastered the art of exams. Well known for her unforgettable mnemonics, she runs Economics courses over the half term break to give her students the edge.

Her style is energy packed and she is a strong believer that learning occurs when given the space to make as many mistakes as possible, just not on the day of the exam. Charlotte took well to our VARK model of teaching and we like to think that her students have thought of her as the Queen of Econ ever since.

For fun, Charlotte enjoys to ski and most recently completed Skype sessions whilst on a ski season at Tigne. For her the most important thing is the relationship she builds with her students and how she makes them feel about their subjects.



Land Economy, Cambridge

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