Maths (GCSE, A-Level)

70+ Hours taught 

David spends his days in the school classroom teaching Maths at A-level, and when he is not teaching he tutors for fun! With over 2000 hours contact time it is fair to say that he has completely mastered how to teach the Edexcel and OCR Maths syllabus. 

As someone who spends their free time writing books and short stories, he regularly uses and adapts his own to make his teaching breaks fun and interactive. This has been a very successful approach as it allows him to tap into the students’ interests and build on their strengths. He is committed to being a great teacher and prides himself on his work. 

David says he loves to ‘keep it real’ with his students. Let’s face it, trigonometric identities, differentials or even coordinate geometry have little connection to the lives of many students. Yet, the same topics that they find boring many a time become sources of great passion for his students



King's College London

University of York

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