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Thomas G

Degree: Neuroscience 

Tutors: Maths, Economics.

He was always punctual with his lessons. Communication was great. The lessons were well planned and tailored.has supported my son David through his final year of A Level economics study.  friendly personality makes the atmosphere during lessons relaxed. I highly recommend Thomas. He is the greatest teacher I've had.

Sarah S

Degree: Design Engineering  

Tutors: Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Geography,Economics.

She explains concepts really well, is happy to go over something more than once and teach at the student's pace. She is always welcoming and friendly,Thanks Sarah! 

Mark W

Degree: Economics and Management (BSc)

Tutors: Economics, French, Spanish, Mathematics, History and Geography.

Mark really helped my son with some A-level economics topics and also with his exam/question answering technique. I am sure that we will see if Mark is free for some more lessons in the future.Outstanding job! 

Cynthia R

Degree: Mathematics with Management Studies 

Tutors: Maths, Chemistry, Physics,Economics.

Cynthia is an excellent tutor and was able to make topics that I had once not understood extremely clear. Without her I would not have been able to achieve the grade that I did in Business Studies,She's also really nice and easy to get along with.

Steven R

Degree: MSci Mathematics

Tutors: Maths, Physics, Economics.

 He is very good at explaining and bringing the subject content to life, which has provided my daughter Laila with a more well-rounded understanding of the topics. I highly recommend him

Jonathan  H

Degree: Economics (BSc) 

Tutors: Economics, Mathematics, Physics

 I was a bit unsure about internet tutoring, but shouldn't have worried. my son achieved an A* in Business Studies. Thanks to Jonathan tutoring made an enormous difference and we thank him very much.


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