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1. How much does tuition cost?

Depending on your subject and the tutor's level of expertise our prices are competitive.



2. Do you DBS check your tutors?

UK legislation does not count private tutoring as 'regular activity' and as such we legally cannot DBS check our tutors. We do however vet our tutors extensively to ensure their credibility.

3. Why am I asked to do a personality evaluation?

We want to identify your dominant cognitive functions to understand your academic needs better and as such match you with a compatible tutor. A lot of research has gone into this process to suit the way YOU learn. 


4. How much is the matching fee?

At Educo we do NOT charge to match you to a tutor. The only thing you pay for is your tutor's time. 


...for tutors

1. How much do I get paid?

Our tutors are paid competitive rates depending on the level they teach, and their qualifications. 


2. What subjects can I tutor?

Educo provides tuition in almost all subjects, entrance examinations, and the level at which tuition is provided ranges from GCSE to first year undergraduate. 


3. How do I commence tutoring?

Once you have completed the interview process and have successfully become an Educo tutor we will call on you with roles, which you can then accept or decline. 


4. What qualifications do I need to be a tutor?

We would like you to have completed and achieved the highest possible grade in the subject qualification you want to teach. For example, if you would like to tutor mathematics at A-level then we will expect you to have achieved an A/A* in that A-level or equivalent. 


5. Do you employ tutors?

No, all tutors work on a self-employed basis and as such are responsible for the tax that must be paid when earning as a self-employed person. 


6. I am an international tutor, can I work as a tutor through Educo?

We require you to have a valid work permit in the UK. So check your visa and/or other residency documentation to ensure you have the right to work in the UK as a self-employed person. 


7. How do I contact tutees?

Once you have accepted a role the contact information of your student will be released to you and you can arrange your first lesson together. 


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