Educo is the leading mentor provider for students in the UK. We provide expert guidance and support for students at every stage of their academic career/journey. Our expert advisors support students all over the country with university advice, Admission preparation, and career planning

Over the years we have supported students studying at a variety of top universities in the UK. Our dedicated team especially focuses on admissions into Oxford, Cambridge, LSE , UCL and Imperial. Through our Alumni student network we annually work closely with a network of school pupils, undergraduates and schools.

How do pupils benefit from our guidance? ​

A Unique network (Icon)

The most important part of a relay is not running. The most important part of a relay is passing the batton. Our purpose is to leverage our experience and knowledge to provide others with an invaluable head start into the world of education. We believe that the individuals best placed to provide the highest quality information are those who were faced and have overcome the very same obstacles as you. That is why our hand picked mentors go through the most rigorous selection process.

Pragmatic/Practical research (Icon)

Every year we refine what works and conduct in-depth research into what differentiates the successful Oxbridge Interview and LSE personal statements that admission tutors are looking for. Our mentors give students the most realistic experience that is relevant to their subject and career ambitions.

Holistic approach(icon)

We take an overarching approval to your development. Through linking together university preparation, career advice and finding exciting opportunities you develop a range of characteristics which are in demand.

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Title: History Personal Statement
Title: History Personal Statement
Title: History Personal Statement

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