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The word “Educo” means to learn from within. The term Educo refers to a leadership component of deployment that is seldom taught in our educational system. Deployment involves using your innate abilities to solve life’s problems. To be proficient at deploying those abilities intrinsic to your being, you would have to go through a process of “Knowing thyself”. The great philosopher Socrates taught this ideology of introspective learning and he did this by questioning all the facets of a human being, from character to personality and even complex issues like management and leadership of the masses. At Educo, we believe the first step to deployment is a complete understanding of our personalities and how this influences our preferred proclivity to learning, decision-making, career prospects and our style of problem solving and leadership. The Myers-Bridge personality test will be used to help decipher your personality from one of the 16 types.


Components of personality


Introversion vs. Extroversion


Extroversion and introversion refer to where you draw your energy from. Being introverted does not mean you are antisocial but, that you draw your energy from within. This is why introverts often feel the need to recharge their batteries after being out with a lot of people for a sustained period of time.


Sensor vs. Intuitor


Strategists vs. tacticians. Intuitors tend to focus on the bigger picture whereas sensors are more detail orientated.  Whilst the intuitors are more “future orientated” visionaries, sensors are more interested in evidencing  “what have you done”. They focus on what they can see, feel, touch, hear and taste. Sensors are duty orientated, they focus on rules, structure and keeping the ship of life afloat.


Thinkers vs. Feelers


This refers to how people make their decisions. Thinkers base their decisions solely on logic, their decision-making process is impersonal and focused on the outcome to be achieved. On the other hand, a feelers decisions will go through a feeling gate. Their decision-making is based on emotions and the affect that it will have on others around them.


Judgers vs. Perceivers

The judgers are decision makers and more structured in their approach. The perceivers favour flexibility and spontaneity over rigid structure and spread sheets.


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